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Petit Qoobo

Petit Qoobo

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Petit Qoobo is a tailed cushion that heals your heart. Petit Qoobo reacts not only to the user's touch but also to the surrounding natural soundscape – be it the sound of clapping or one’s voice. In addition, when you are cuddling Petit Qoobo, you'll be able to hear its "heartbeat."


Petit Qoobo
power supply rechargeable battery
Charging time Approximately 4~8 hours
Usable time Approximately 8 hours (depending on operating frequency)
External dimensions W21 x D28 x H11 cm
Weight Approximately 600g
Operating environment Temperature +10℃ ~ +35℃
Humidity +20% to +80%
Accessories AC adapter, charging cable
Material Body: ABS, POM, TPR
Charging cable: Liquid crystal polymer Cushion: Polyester, zinc alloy
Model number Gris: YE-PQ001G
*Product specifications are subject to change without notice due to improvements.


Petit Coubo

Responds to petting by wagging its tail

When you stroke it gently, it becomes fluffy, and when you stroke it a lot, it becomes buzzy.
And sometimes, on a whim, they respond by wagging their tails.
The reaction of the tail changes depending on how you stroke it,
The person who strokes it can freely interpret it,
It creates a pseudo emotional exchange.

Petit Coubo

Size that can be taken outside

Petit Qoobo, which is slightly smaller than Qoobo,
It's with you anytime, anywhere, at home or on the go.
It fits perfectly in your bag or basket.
You can even take it to the office.

Petit Coubo

Tail responds to sounds and voices

When you hear a loud noise, you get startled,
When you call out to it, it wags its tail.
I don't know the meaning of the words, but when I'm with you,
The same sounds and voices that you hear,
Petit Qoobo also hears it.

Petit Coubo

A heartbeat that can be felt casually

The subtle heartbeat conveyed by Petit Qoobo.
Hug it, put it on your lap, or by your bedside.
Even if I'm not looking
You can feel the presence of Petit Qoobo.


Petit Coubo

The Qoobo series is designed so that the person who strokes it can project their desired appearance and personality based on their imagination.
We purposely removed animal-like elements other than the tail, leaving a "blank space" in the design.
It sounds like a "dog" or "cat," or even a "rabbit." It also looks like other animals.
Depending on your imagination, the Qoobo series can be transformed into any shape you want.

For Petit Qoobo, we paid particular attention to the short tail, which gives off a childish feel, as if it were a small animal.
There are four color variations: soft shades of Guri (gray), Maron (brown), Noir (black), and Blanc (white).


What is the target age?

There is no target age limit, but for safety reasons, please accompany children or those who require nursing care. Not for use by infants.

Can I sit on Petit Qoobo?

You cannot sit on Petit Qoobo.
Treat your pet as gently as you would an animal, such as by placing it on your lap, hugging it, or going out with it.

Can I wash the cover (fur part)?

Only when the cover is extremely dirty, dissolve a dilute amount of neutral detergent in lukewarm water and gently press the cover to wash it. Please be aware that the coat may change before trying this product. Click here for details.

Do you understand the meaning of the words?

Petit Qoobo does not understand language. Thery don't know what the words mean, but when they're with you, they hear the same sounds and voices that you hear.
If your Petit Qoobo is startled by a loud noise, gently pet it to calm it down.

What is Petit Qoobo's food (power)?

Petit Qoobo is rechargeable. Please feed (charge) from the charging port next to the tail.

Does it support wireless charging?

We considered wireless charging, but decided against it due to the short transmission distance. It will be charged using a general plug.

The charging jack is covered with cloth and cannot be charged.

The cloth of the inner bag may come into contact with the charging jack of Petit Qoobo, making charging impossible. If the cloth is visible inside the charging jack, please remove the fur cover and slightly shift the cloth of the inner bag to be able to charge again. Please refer to this image for the shifting shape of the inner bag cloth.

I don't know when to feed (charge)

When Petit Qoobo is hungry, the LED will flash once every 4 seconds. If this LED sign is displayed, feed (charge) the animal. Petit Qoobo's LED is located on the power switch.

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