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Yukai Engineering is introducing a new form of relaxation,
invented from memories of child-rearing.
Our play-biting robot replicates the happy gesture that babies and young pets exhibit for only a short time.
It is pleasing, but you need to stop them from the act. Now you can enjoy such charming “play-biting” at any time.


Power Uses 3 AA alkaline batteries (batteries sold separately)
Usable batteries Alkaline, nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries * Alkaline batteries recommended
External dimensions
(with tail)
Yuzu/Calico CatW130mm × H195mm × D210mm
Kotaro/Shiba InuW120mm × H190mm × D190mm
Rinrin/PandaW120mm × H180mm × D130mm
Kururi/OtterW120mm × H180mm × D160mm
Weight Approximately 380 g
Operating temperature Temperature +10℃ ~ +35℃
Humidity+20% ~ +80%
Material Plush: polyester, polyurethane
HAMling systemPOM
Battery boxABS
Model number


*Product specifications are subject to change without notice due to improvements.
* Plush may look slightly different in size and facial expression due to its nature of plush.



The charming gesture where
pets and babies gently nibble your finger
with their small teeth.


Sadly, you need to harden your heart
and scold them for this act.


frees all humanity from such dilemmas.



Nibble nibble, chomp chomp.
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.

Our “Hamgorithm” brings
you a new experience
with every bite.



 Amagami Ham Ham has a sensor that recognizes your finger and begins nibbling. Called the HAMling system, this module consists of the sensor and the entire jaw area.

Amagami Ham Ham’s lower jaw moves, and the entire jaw consists of a soft resin that flexes. You’ll enjoy sensations such as mumble, reflex, and massage. Each offers a different calming sensation. *Patent Pending



Amagami Ham Ham is easy to set up. Simply unzip the back of the robot’s fur coat and take out the battery holder. Open the holder’s lid and insert three (3) AA batteries. Close the lid, turn on the switch, and place it back inside Amagami Ham Ham. You’re ready to go!


ユカイ工学株式会社 CMO 冨永翼

AMAGAMI HAM HAM is a product that originated from Yukai Engineering's in-company makerthon event in 2020.One of the makerthon teams came up with an idea based on their experiences of raising children.They recalled a memory of a baby's play-biting and thought of creating a product that simulates the play-biting gesture that babies and small animals do while they are infants.The AMAGAMI HAM HAM project started with the idea of recreating the happy moment that can only be experienced for a short period of time in real life.

As the first AMAGAMI HAM HAM series,we are pleased to present "AMAGAMI HAM HAM" in collaboration with "Nemu Nemu Animals®" by Liv Heart, a company that produces many plush toys of animals with sleepy expressions.

Based on my own experiences with my own child's play-biting, we produced something that would help realize people's desires. In today's world, we often hear a lot of big talk about changing the world or creating a new era, but "AMAGAMI HAM HAM" will provide a healing experience that will lead a small part of your heart to feel better.We hope you will experience the play-biting sensation that makes you want to repeat it again and again.

CMO, Yukai Engineering Inc. 
Tsubasa Tominaga


Play-biting is a method to convey various emotions without words. In addition, it also provides indescribable comfort. I believe many people would like to enjoy the feeling of pet and baby play-bites over and over again. AMAGAMI HAM HAM will be a presence that fulfills such needs through various play-biting. Gestures like play-biting are expected not only bring comfort but also reduce stress and provide healing.

Director, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International
Masahiro Shiomi,Ph.D.



What is the power source?

The power source is three AA alkaline batteries or three AA nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries. If the batteries are low and no longer working, replace the batteries or recharge the rechargeable batteries.
AMAGAMI HAM HAM does not have a recharging function. If you are using nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries, please have a battery charger separately.
It is important to avoid using different types of batteries or mixing batteries of the same type but with different charge levels, as this can cause malfunctions or overheating of the device.

How long does the battery last?

When the power switch is left ON and used for approximately 8 minutes a day, the battery is expected to last around 3 months. The actual duration of the battery life may vary depending on usage frequency and battery performance. 
*Please note that product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Is it washable?

No. As the Hamling System cannot be removed from the plush, it cannot be washed in water.
If it gets dirty, please wipe it clean with a firmly wrung wet towel dampened with diluted neutral laundry detergent. Then, wipe off the detergent well with a firmly wrung wet towel and use a dry towel to remove any moisture. Ensure proper drying in a well-ventilated shaded area.

Is there any sound or voice?

It does not have a voice or sound function. Please be aware that there might be a small motor sound, which is a normal operational sound of the product.

Is it considered a malfunction if it doesn’t move at times?

If the batteries are depleted, it may not function properly. Please replace them with new batteries and try again
Please check f placing your finger on the upper palate of the mouth triggers any response.
If you re-insert your finger immediately after removing it, it might not recognize your finger. Please wait for a short while before reinserting your finger.

If it doesn't move even when I insert my finger, is it a malfunction?

- Check if the power switch is turned ON.
- Verify if the batteries are correctly inserted.
*Insert three AA batteries into the battery case all facing the same direction.
*The side connected to the plush in the case is the negative side of the battery.
- Check if placing your finger on the upper palate of the mouth triggers any response.


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